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3ivx is a proprietary MPEG-4 video compression system. Because its codec is capable of playing back many different MPEG-4 formats and contains no spyware, it is a popular choice for those who enjoy watching or making movies on their computer.

From the divx-digest mailing list:

The 3ivx decoder plays back most MPEG-4 variants (including DivX 3, 4 and 5, Apple MPEG-4, Philips MPEG-4 and XviD). The 3ivx decoder produces noticeably higher quality video than other decoders due to its high quality post-processing filters, and because of its core design and optimization maintains a record-breaking decode speed. The windows version of the decoder includes an AAC audio decoder for Windows Media Player as well as a Media Splitter (to play back .avi, .mov and .mp4 files inside Windows Media Player).
The 3ivx encoder produces industry-leading compact high quality MPEG-4 video and is distributed as a plug-in for QuickTime as well as a plug-in for Video for Windows. This allows you to encode MPEG-4 video in .avi, .mov or .mp4 files (with AAC audio) with the encoding application of your choice.
3ivx Delta 4 – 4.0.3 plays back DivX 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, OpenDivX, XviD, FFMpeg, AngelPotion, SMR, Philips MPEG-4, Apple MPEG-4, MS-MPEG-4v3, 3ivx D3, D3.5 and 4, RealMagic MPEG-4, Sorenson MPEG-4, Blizzard MPEG-4 and other MPEG-4 variants.

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