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Cognition is the act of knowing, perceiving, or conceiving something like learning and reasoning rather than feeling an evoked emotion. Cognition is about the information processing that occurs in the brain of living organisms.

If these forces are in competition, any behavior may be seen as the resulting from an internal struggle. Brains have the powers of imitation and memory, but not replication, although there are very rare exceptions.

Stephen Pinker, a recognized expert says that cognition evolved brain modules which provide for body control, information storage, and executing rules, as well as separate intelligence functions dealing with language, number, space, tools and living things.

Critical Thinking

At times when we inteprete new information and integrate that infomation in a struggle between the resistence of what we think we know and what is in reality.

A starting point for critical thinking is to confine your study to things. This is possibly the best way to bring progress – by understanding the world around you. When thinking about things the information people should ask includes;

  • what is precisely the subject they are discovering?
  • is it a new label for fancy observations?
  • is there a correlation that is always true?

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