Copyright Term Reform

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Past events


Legal Proposals

  • Reregistration: Copyrights need to be re-registered in regular intervals.
  • Taxation: Copyrights could be taxed annually at 5% of a self-assessed buyout value.
  • Reduction of term: Propose that the E.U. and U.S. copyrights of authors dying between January 1st 2006 and December 31st 2025 inclusive expire on January 1st, 2076. This will reduce the term of author copyrights smoothly from life+70 to life+50.
  • Eldred Proposal to have a small tax.
  • Default Proposal that unmarked works default to CC Attribution-ShareAlike, GPL for code.

Other Activities

  • E-mail signatures for limited copyright – please add one of these to your e-mail so we can get the word out.
  • I3C (French, Babelfished) is planning (fished) to attend the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS, Geneva Dec 2003) There will apparently be a possibility to comment on WIPO treaties. Please contact them for further info.
  • Govt. Regulations Website, Allows U.S. citizens to comment on proposed regulations. Includes a search by Department from which you can select; ‘Copyright Office, Library Of’ to see proposals and make comments.
  • Meme development Seek to develop memes to change the way people look at the issues.


Action-Log: What have you done?

January 26 2003:

January 24 2003:

  • Contacted Robin Gross regarding her IP Justice project and the potential for cooperation

January 22 2003:

January 19 2003:

  • Noticed that Slashdot has accepted the blurb in an update to this article. –tepples

January 18 2003:

January 17 2003:

January 16 2003:

  • I started this page and created the action mailing list. I submitted/posted stories on Kuro5hin (posted) and infoAnarchy and emailed the relevant URLs to Lessig, who had previously encouraged me to do this. I have added a temporary annoying banner to infoAnarchy to promote the effort. The banner will stay, but I will make it less annoying. —Erik

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