See also: Engineering | Progress | Function Creep

To change or alter a design, often aiming to make a slight improvement. Modification can be done with innovation, engineering or by changing a feature or function.

Conversion Tools are used to modify files. The Software Cycle is a model for improving programming with modifications or edits to code. A merciless refactor refers to a major overhaul of something.

Activism usually seeks to modify a particularly thing. For example a political protest or a boycott aims to alter policy.

Rules, etiquette, law, protocols, standards and culture can all undergo modification. Modifications to systems can be complex and chaotic.

In computers, these can be classified into levels:

  • Default settings – No changes, used as “out of the box.” This is often the baseline for programs and, in technical support, many users are asked to restore the default settings.
  • Purchasing a computer and uses only the included software.
  • Simple programs such as BitTorrent, which do not have any modifyable settings
  • Configure – To change the parameters of a program, either personalizing or setting up integration. All options would be changed within the menus of a program, for instance clicking on the “Options” menu and opening “Settings.”
  • Setting up an email client to accept mail from one’s e-mail server.
  • Setting a program to open a specific file type, such as Microsoft Word opening file it is not normally associated with.
  • DIY computer assembly requires configuration of the various components
  • Tweak – not officially endorsed/supported, nothing extreme just fine tuning and optimization.
  • Hack – to drastically change a system or program’s settings to run different or better. Often, this type of activity can void one’s warranty. Calling the product’s technical support for assistance is probably not useful or impossible. This is usually done at a highly technical or source code level.
  • Reverse-Engineer – to determine how a program works, despite restrictions, disable those restrictions, and possibly recreate the program entirely. This can be time-consuming and highly technical.


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