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Utilizing sound as a palette for art and perception and relating to poetry and dance. Music can be great for dancing, especially is there is a good beat or rhythm. Music is found in nearly every culture and is sometimes described as the universal language. Music can be instrumental and can include, or sometimes consist solely of, the human voice and spoken word. It may be found in multimedia, movies and in computer games.

Music can be easily digitised on computers or for a portable audio player.Many people share and distribute music with file sharing programs as well a huge range of broadcast and communication software, commercial services, etc. Not all music requires royalty fees for their legal use. This type of music is in the Royalty-Free Public Domain.

Music Distribution and the Internet

Music piracy is often in the news because the industry wants to prosecute copyright infringers who violate their intellectual property rights. Napster was one of the first programs to gain widespread knowledge and use of, to exchange large quantities of music files. At the time of Napster demise it was reported that approximately 1 billion music files were exchanged.

In the subsequent years, including all p2p exchanges involving music files beyond the artists exclusive right, the total number of exchanges could be hundreds of times greater. According to “With the Web Shaking Up Music, A Free-for-All in Online Songs” in the Wall Street Journal dated 19 November 2003, at the end of 2003, roughly one billion songs were downloaded freely per week.

The size of the total musical subset of the darknet is hard to calculate or even to guess at. Because the true number is very difficult to ascertain it will probably always remain unknown. What is known is that legal download services where selling more than $1 billion worth of music each week by mid 2004.




Because music is easily digitized for computer processing, there is plenty of AV Software, including



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