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The opposite of pacifism. Activism is about modifying or doing one thing to achieve something else. Activism is often part of a broader framework for social change.

The goal of activism usually involves resisting and then halting unjustness. There are privacy and anticensorship advocates, amongst a huge range of activist individuals and organisations.

Activism can begin with an idea or arise from abuse. Actions taken by activists are not always seen as a good thing or even seen as justified by a majority. One reason may be that meaningful activism can be trumped by too much zealotry.


Activists are similar to freedom fighters, although some activists resort to fraud, propaganda, violence and property destruction. Well-known activists include;

Activists like to communicate to many by publishing and broadcasting information. They may also involve the wider community in rallies, marches and street protests. These sorts of social activities are an excellent oportunity for debate and other expressions.


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