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Term used to refer to something purely American, usually specific to the United States, in the face of an international audience. Due to a strong media industry and status as the richest nation in the world as well as its continuous political clout since the Monroe Doctrine, America often imposes its philosophy, will, culture, and products on other countries.

An ever-present issue in the face of globalization and internationalization, this phenominon is regularly seen especially now as the Internet continues to make the world smaller and countries become less xenophobic.

Note that this wiki is American-Centric both because most of its editors are from America and because it is primarily an English-only site.

While it is true that many companies and entire cultures are “attached at the hip”, it may be said that an understanding and acceptance of the international nature of the world is still relevant.

Canadians, of note, are particularly aware of the american-centricness found in media and culture. Their culture, language, entertainment, media and even military interact with regular closeness. It has been said that the one thing which defines a Canadian is that they’re not Americans.

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