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This topic is Flamebait. It is listed here to serve as a wishlist similar to Mozilla/Wishlist and provide a reason why the Anti-Microsoft and Anti-Windows entries are so large and yet Linux is still not in the majority. People may not be outspoken against Linux but there are obviously people who dislike it, otherwise they would have switched.

Linux is obviously making huge inroads on the Server and is expected to continue so this will focus more on desktop issues.

Note: Please do not list small technical problems but overall issues for the Linux Operating System.

  • Many complaints made about Linux are answered with:
    • So-and-so has a project working on that right now. (When will it be done?)
    • Wait – its coming. (I want it now.)
    • Install this program. (Shouldn’t basic features come by default?)
  • “I can’t install my soundcard” is a very common criticism.
  • Too many services installed by default at startup. Such as a battery monitor on a desktop. Should be a system for allowing services instead of forcing users to go to linux.conf (or its’ equivalent) and turn them off.
  • Package Dependency – in theory, it’s a wonderful idea: if you try to install a program and there’s a program that conflicts with it or a program that’s needed, you get sent a little message listing the conflicting or absent programs. In reality, a lot of the dependencies are based on a part of the code that doesn’t matter, so you can literally spend a long time chasing down a program that you don’t really need or doesn’t really conflict. Worse, if there is a specific order that you need to install them in.
  • Games – Linux is kept out of the gaming market, lacking a uniform gaming API. There are also a large number of games that Windows supports that Linux does not.
  • No standard config file format. No one want to read every man page for every program they want to change

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