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In some environments, proxies censor content by only allowing HTTP transfers, or by filtering content. In the case an individual decides for other individuals wether they may access certain area’s on the internet or not, it’s censorship. Currently, these decisions are made for groups of people in various countries (China), schools (filtering on words like anarchy), offices (filtering pr0n, for example), and more.

However, proxies can be bypassed by various tools.


  • ProxyTunnel – Another tunneling application.
  • Proxytools Perl utilities to get outside a proxy.
  • PuTTY – Tunneling SSH through HTTPS proxy (Windows)
  • wHTTPStunnel – Creates an HTTPS tunnel on Windows.
  • hopster Easy to use Windows client to bypass censoring firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Exodus – A Java proxy able to intercept SSL connections
  • WebScarab – Successor of Exodus.
  • Delegate – Multiplatform gateway/anonymous proxy server allowing to bypass firewalls and servers.


  • http-tunnel tunneling service to bypass proxies/firewalls.

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