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Reasons people dislike the Windows Operating System:

  • Viruses and worms that infect millions of Windows users.
  • Poor reliability and security in Windows 95, 98, ME. Crashware.
  • Multiple confusing sub-versions of the product: Windows 95 OSR 2.5, Windows 98 SE.
  • Differences Between NT Server and Workstation Are Minimal but cost difference is high.
  • Other Microsoft products – such as Microsoft Office – unfairly have access to its API, speeding up programs for its own internal benefit – a question at the anti-trust trial.
  • Windows users, as they make up the majority, can often be less technically savvy than <code>*</code>Nix users. Thus, when a Windows user enters a technical discussion, they may not be taken seriously.
  • People don’t want to use an OS which monopolises markets.
  • Increases user-level lock-in and associated risks
  • Development of DRM into updates, patches, etc
  • Crazy free-for-all system tray (not entirely Microsoft’s fault but still highly annoying).
  • Little control of what programs are allowed to run at startup, beyond the “Start Up” area of the Start Menu, where some programs don’t volunteer themselves.
  • The source is not open. Thus nobody, except a group of elite, can look what a Windows component actually does, how it works, how it could be made better.
  • GUI oriented rather then CLI oriented. Hard to chose a differrent Desktop Environment, hard to get the OS thrived on CLI.
  • Seems sometimes to innovate only at the barrel of a gun:
  • Clippy

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