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Microsoft‘s Windows Operating System.

For varying reasons, many people dislike the world’s most popular desktop operating system. See: Anti-Windows/Complaints

Microsoft’s recent restrictive licensing practices with Windows XP and continued integration with Digital Rights Management software (we control what you do) has called into question how long Microsoft will be a consumer-friendly product.


Windows Alternatives

Although switching to an alternative can be hard at first glance, an emulator called WINE exists to run Windows apps on *NIX/x86.

Note relevant links in User Interface which include UI blunders made by various Windows applications.

Windows name-calling:

  • Winblows
  • Losedows
  • Windoze / Windoos
  • Whimdows
  • Win Those
  • Wintendo – Nintendo reference
  • Winders / Winderz

Microsoft name-calling:

  • Microshaft
  • Microlooser
  • Microslut
  • Microslop
  • Macrosloth
  • Microsaft
  • Microsucker

Microsoft Boss Calling:

  • Bill Aids
  • Bi Gay
  • Billy Boy Gaytes
  • One Bill Gay
  • Adolf Gates
  • Bill Hitler
  • Freeware Nazi

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“What you want to do, and more, is now possible.” – A direct quote from the install of Windows 95c

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