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Zealotry can be taken to such rabid extremes that it can become incredibly annoying and offensive to people who would rather just go about their lives in peace. To many people, it’s not worth the effort arguing or defending issues that they don’t see as particularly significant.

In the area of technology some of the worst offending zealots can be part of the following groups:

Other over-zealous zealots in the community can include:

It should be noted it’s not the views of the zealots that are the problem per se. It’s simply the fact that sometimes they just won’t shut up about their views. Most of the world is more concerned about where their next meal is coming from than software licensing or religion or politics. Many people consider their children, family and friends to be the focus of their lives, and don’t have the time or desire to argue semantic points with those whose minds are already made up.

From all anti-zealots, we would like to say: “Take a chill pill. Seriously. It’s not the end of the world. Go outside. Have some fun. Carpe diem!”

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