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The most popular web server software in the world. Available for a wide variety of platforms. One of the first proof-of-concept open source projects along with Linux, BSD and Perl, Apache is far more secure than Microsoft‘s Internet Information Server (IIS) and has a wide variety of applications. Based on NCSA HTTPd as a patch thus called ‘a patchie’.

Many other projects including an HTTP server, SSL handling, and PHP programming are under the Apache umbrella; Apache is also expanding in the Jakarta (java programs), XML, and Webservices arenas.

The annual conference of all things Apache is ApacheCon – has it’s own wiki: http://apachecon.com/wiki/


  • Unofficial Apache Forum hosted by Nabble, currently archiving all the Apache projects’ mailing lists to allow cross search and browsing. It has a fairly complete list of current Apache projects. You can drill into each project or search by keyword and observe the ongoing discussions.

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