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Art is a creative product which can evoke unique and diverse feelings of attraction and beauty. Works of art are pieces of innovative human creation, which almost always express emotion, evoke opinion and induce preferential jugement. Art is sometimes intellectual and sometimes goes unfinished. It is often experimental, not necessarily beautiful but always comes from the human mind by design.

Art can be a collaboration and tend to the extremism. It may not be authentic, that is, it may be a forgery or fake piece. Art can be stolen, pirated, traded and censored.

The artistic value that people attach to objects is the derived qualitative aesthetic pleasure induced within those who are satisfied by the consumption a piece’s composition. Good artwork retains some sort of obscure ambigous quality, so that each time it is viewed or otherwise consumed it evokes a unique emotional response, such as sense of wonder or beauty, inspiration or new thought.

Art can be found in many forms such as the medium listed below and architecture, performance, radio, metalwork, dance and sculpture. As in Science, there are technical skills required to produce art. Recreation time is also needed. An artist is reliant upon the physical tools available at a certain time and place. Art uses our senses of sight and hearing to communicate knowledge (and opinion) of the societies from which it was produced.

Artistic endeavors are ancient and found in many forms around the world. Art represents ideas and visions in a tangible way. Art is often heavily symbolic and strongly influenced by social conditions related to religion, politics and other cultural aspects. Artistic elements include line, colour, hue, value, tone, mass, form, shape texture, space and style.

Some art forms are easily digitized for distribution, e.g. for sharing on the internet. There are those who would consider programming (the act or the result) to be Art, especially the Real Hacker.

Digital art

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