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  1. Saying: At The Moment
  2. Network Protocol
  3. Automated Teller Machine

1. Acronym: At The Moment

Describing current activity. For instance: “I am eating ATM, call me later.”

2. Acronym: Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is a network protocol that transmits data at a speed of 155 Mbps and higher. ATM works by transmitting all data in small packets of a fixed size; whereas, other protocols transfer variable length packets. ATM supports a variety of media such as video, CD-quality audio, and imaging. ATM employs a star topology, which can work with fiber optic as well as twisted pair cable.

ATM is most often used to interconnect two or more local area networks. It is also frequently used by Internet Service Providers to utilize high-speed access to the Internet for their clients. As ATM technology becomes more cost-effective, it will provide another solution for constructing faster local area networks.

3. Acronym: Automated Teller Machine

Also called a bank machine, this is a 24/7 kiosk interface to one’s banking account. Over time, what one may do at such a kiosk has broadened to include printing statements, updating a bankbook, paying bills, transferring money, and more. Some bank machines allow one to withdraw money in more than one type of currency.

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