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Home Page: for: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding 3File Extension: .OMGIncludes “ATRAC3 Plus”

A lossy audio compression technology similar to MP3. It is Sony’s proprietary ATRAC3 codec commonly used by Sony music-playing devices. It uses SDMI.


How to Play/Encode ATRAC3 files

Converting from/to ATRAC3 files

  • HiMD Renderer – Convert your Atrac3 files (*.OMG/*.OMA) to WAV or MP3 files. Step by step guide here. DRM restrictions still apply, and you still need SonicStage.
  • Sony’s MP3 converter – Basic version of Sony’s SonicStage software. Converts MP3 files to ATRAC3.


  • ATRAC3 also does not play with any hardware other than Sony’s own so those who transfer their files to this format can only play it in Sony equipment.


  • Allows up to 20 hours (at lowest quality setting) of music in a single CD (minidiscs will have about half that).


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