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Audio / Video Software

    • zinf | GNU HomepageZinf is an extensible audio player, formerly known as Free Amp. Quote: “Zinf is based on the FreeAmp source code. However, AMP is a trademark of PlayMedia Systems, Inc., and therefore the original name of the project cannot be used any longer. On this web site the old project will be referred to as FreeA*p.” Zinf features an optimized version of the GPLed Xing MPEG decoder, a powerful music browser and playlist editor, and a built in download manager which supports downloading files from sites using the RMP (RealJukebox) download process, and a number of the most common features users have come to expect in a clean, easy to use interface.
    • MAD – MPEG Audio Decoder, a MP3 library also offering the nice command line player madplay. An interesting feature is the summary information after playback which gives information about clipped frames.
    • RealPlayer – Real Networks’ player. Windows version installs a taskbar item, displays various RealNetworks updates, and associates with files all without user consent. Still, a very feature-rich player including CD ripping and burning tools. Advanced version with more features available.
    • STP – A very small MP3 player that runs in the taskbar
    • 1by1 – a very small, low-memory usage MP3 player.
    • Total Recorder – Ever wanted to save a song but couldn’t because of Digital Rights Management? Capture & save any audio stream, including Internet live streams, using this shareware program.
    • mplayer – (Unix) – video and audio player, supporting a lot of win32 codecs, DVD playback, DVD ripping, streaming media, among many other features. Supports playback of the proprietary WMA format, including streams.
    • Alsaplayer – (Unix) – GUI based audio player. An interesting feature is the ability to play mp3’s forwards and backwards at adjustable speeds.
    • mpg123 – (Unix) – audio player for the command line. An interesting feature is the ability to play frames multiple times, slowing the song down without affecting its pitch – useful for anyone trying to transcribe music from a recording. (non-free)
    • mpg321 – (Unix) – Free clone of mpg123. Interface is like mpg123; code is not. Unlike mpg123, it supports ESD and ALSA output without recompiling, and it does all MP3 decoding with only fixed-point math by using the free mad MPEG audio decoder library.
    • mpd – (Unix) – A unix daemon that will play your mp3, ogg, and flac music files. Because it runs as a background process you have a choice of helper programs to interface to it and control what plays. For example you can use phpMp or phpmp2to control the program via your browser or mpc to play things from the unix command line or from a script. Very convienient and fast.
    • mpck – (Unix) – A mp3 file checker. It scans the file to see if the frames are where they are supposed to be, if the frame headers are correct and if the headers are consistent throughout the file. It gives some statistics on the file, and a conclusion whether the file is good or bad. Description taken from the man page.
    • amaroK – (Unix) – An attractive music player that with lots of features including downloading album cover-art from Amazon.
    • EasyTag – (Unix) – A mp3 tag editior with GTK based interface. It Supports Id3v1 and Id3v2 tags, and is the first tool I have found to support embedded images in mp3 files on the linux platform. It also supports tagging MP2, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, MusePack, and Monkey’s Audio formats.
Mac OS X
    • ffmpegX GUI wrapper around ffmpeg and mencoder. Lots of presets; transcode to mp4 and avi-wrapped H264.
    • yade X Select portions (or all) of DVD filesystem. Decrypts. Will demux or frame grab.
    • Handbrake] Easy-to-use tool to transcode from any DVD-like source to file format: MP4, AVI or OGM; video codecs: MPEG-4 or H.264; audio codecs: AAC, MP3, Vorbis or AC-3 pass-through
    • MPEG Streamclip Convert MPEG to any QuickTime codec. With Apple MPEG-2 Playback Component, can convert from MPEG-2.
Macintosh OS 9 and prior
    • – Repository with AV codec and related software.

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