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Blogging 101 Curriculum Development Project


Please edit/build on this scope statement.

This project will: (goals)

  • Produce learning materials related to weblogs
  • Collect links to other resources, manuals, tutorials, walk-throughs and videos related to blogging and blogging platforms
  • Explore additional Blogging Education approaches, including: Blogging for <put profession here> and

the ever-popular “Legal Issues Related to Blogging”

In a way that: (constraints)

  • Builds on the power of many to make the instruction smarter
  • Reflects a variety of approaches, products, levels of investement in time and money, and blogging genres
  • Produces free materials (we can discuss this)

So that: (benefits)

  • More people can blog, design blogs, use blogs in more contexts, blog more effectively
  • Educators and leaders have a standard curriculum

Scope Discussion

Status: Getting started.

Immediate Priorities

Things we should look at before we get started

Proposed list of topics to be covered in Every Tutorial in Phase 1

  • There will obviously be some variation due to the differences in the categories outlined below, but we feel the following MUST be covered:
  • Creating your blog (name and location)
  • Posting to your Blog
  • Creating a link
  • Elements of a posting
  • Comments
  • A glossary of terms essential or unique to each product

Homepages of the products we are considering for inclusion

Hosted Blog Services

Installed Blog Applications

More about blog services and tools :

PRODUCTS & SERVICES Blogging tools

An Overview of the Weblog Tools Market

2004 Top 40 of Chinese Hosted Blog Services

the blogroots list in on Dec 02 2003

Blog Tools/Software/Hosts

Hosted Blog Services

Blog as Attached Services

Installed Blog Applications


Demo Applications

Questions we should address

    • Scope of phase 1
    • Possible phase 2+ projects
    • Free tool list for Mac and Windows
    • What blogging platforms do we DEFINITELY want to cover?
    • What common content do we want in ALL of our Getting Started Videos?
    • What common elements do we want in form and function between individual videos?
    • Arrangements for Lisa to show us her video screen capture and voice-over techniques

  • Finding a home for the project (Isn’t the Berkman Center and its server the “home” of the Project?)
  • Agreeing on scope and schedules (to be addressed in our first meetings

Calls for Help



  • Michael Feldman, coordinator. US 617-669-0763 (I would like to do or share the Manila video)


Add your name here, alphabetically by last name, using double brackets to create your signature page

  • User:Randy Fenstermacher, TBD but OpenSource if not Free.
  • User:Shimon Rura, 857.928.3028,, AIM:shimonrura, Website maintenance.
  • User:Mike Walsh, 603.491.5018,, WordPress via BlogSome, TypePad
  • User:Phil Wolff, 510.444.8234,
  • Erica George, Livejournal module
  • LS, Manila, Movable Type modules
  • User:Jennifer Stoner, 617.283.5687, User-eye view, other nontechnical stuff.
  • User:Bill Ives, 617-945-0805,, Basic TypePad functions

Blogging Educators

Who teaches blogging?

  • Blogging 101 Group Members Available as Instructors
  • Other Blogging Educators and Schools
  • Blogging Instructors by Geographic Location
  • Events & Workshops Where You Can Learn About Blogging


Links to learning materials.

Current Curricula

Learning materials tested and ready for wide use.

Draft Curricula

Unfinished learning materials

Proposed Curricula

Brainstorms and formal proposals for learning materials.

Archived Curricula

Links to old, obsolete, and lost blog educational tools (thinking ahead)

See also

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