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Acronym: Bastard Operator From Hell

A system administrator, or operator, who hates their users, loathing to assist them and taking pleasure in their demise. Generally speaking, an Evil person unless you are similarly technically competent. A malignant form of techno-elitism.

The BOFH can be an admin who abuses their power or someone who’s job it is to do technical support who doesn’t out of spite. The BOFH can be considered a type of Attack, similar to the Former Employee Attack.


A few possibilities:

  1. Avoid: Don’t seek their help in the first place and, instead, figure out the problem yourself.
  2. Listen: Ask his/her opinions about hardware, operating systems, or whatever s/he’s interested in.
  3. Ally: Agree with his/her complaints and complain similarly.
  4. Parallel: find out the individual is wrong about an important technical issue and let him know in a way that is not threatening – resulting respect may buy good sway.
  5. Threaten: The BOFH is unscrupulous but often likes his job. This is dangerous territory – do not overuse.



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