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To not patron a business or organization becaues of conscience outlook that seeks reform. Boycotts can include rejecting certain products for political and ethical reasons. One of the best ways to protest is to make sure that your expressions, explain your reasons with clear language. Persuasion can be used with petitions, skywriting and display of symbols, logos and icons. Interventions includes activities like sitins, occupations, blockades, overloading systems, setting up parallel institutions. Monkey-wrenching is nonviolent, strategic, unlawful sabotage of industrial extraction/development equipment and infrastructure.

Boycotts may involve limited forms of saboutage but they should not endanger or harm other people directly. The Beregan Brothers defeined non-violent politics as that which meets 3 criteria; 1) violence cannot endanger anyone else’s life, 2) violence must be used against property which causes violence, and 3) the destruction of property must have a large symbolic effect.

Boycotts include blacklist of merchants and traders, or countries.

Things to boycott and why

music and magazine censorship, treats empoloyees poorly
wholesale Internet lawsuit solution, price fixing, no legitimate artist compensation
attacked Freenet, no real accountability
progress and innovation destroying monopoly
Windows Operating Systems
poor security, part of Microsoft
Anti-Clear Channel
radio conglomerate and monopoly
shady company attacks Linux via UNIX IP
declared war on the Usenet, a closed “religion”, promotes cultish “disconnection” from non-scientology family
stupid patents
Any spyware or spam company
including, by proxy, Yahoo.

Countries to Boycott

Imperialism, sponsored terrorism in the 80s, attacks it in the 00’s, world’s largest exported of weapons, world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, veteod UN resolution to define and condemn all forms of terrorism
for continuing to occupy Palestinian terrorities, and building those terrible walls
gross, continuous human rights violations, invaded Tibet
human rights abuse

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