Cartesian Dualism

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Note: although the following is an excellent concept and a well-written article, it is not Cartesian Dualism

The suggestion that the economy can always grow in an ecologically unsustainable manner. This is a very Bad, Dangerous, contemporary myth, totally disproven by modern scientific theory and reasoning. The idea is that the ecosystem is an infinite source of resources and sinks for waste, but that the economy is not limited by biophysical constraints and is separate from the environment.

This myth is propagated by those that believe technological innovation will solve our problems and was popularized during the 1970s. This myth is also popular due to the unknown or from misguidance and being misled, from too much hope and optimistic opinion and from being under educated. This precept implies that the problem will be able to devise a solution, when all evidence suggests the opposite is more true.

A Cartesian Dualist will often behave in a certain predictable manner. Cartesian dualism was initially a philosophical term applied to the belief that mind and body are two separate substances that affect each other, as opposed to a single entity. So a cartesian dualist would only look at the upside of production prospects and returns, at the same time as they disregard the downside. The reality is that humankind’s position as top carnivore is a total domination of all ecosystems occupied. This inevitably leads to global collapse, particularly when population growth continues far beyond carrying capacity.

Energy production and use, for things such as electricity and computers, is a requirement for a majority of industries. The fallacies about energy production are wide-ranging and pervasive. Many believe limitless sources of coal, oil and natural gas exist and that the atmosphere can continue to be used as the world’s dump.

Trade, particularly free trade is the preferred model for this expansion, although military force has been used in the past and will likely continue in the future. The Carter Doctrine explains US foreign policy attempt to support the free trade agenda and induce further ulterior motives of future resource needs. For capitalism to continue to flourish, the Cartesian Dualist, under the expansionist philosophy, tries to create the vision of a utopian cornucopia in which improvements in technology can solve future problems.

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