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“The usefulness, or utility, of a network equals the square of the number of users.” — Metcalfe’s Law

The act of combining the efforts of several parties into a cohesive agent. Collaboration can bring consensus allowing people to work towards the same objectives. These may include systems used for programming, writing like weblogs such as infoAnarchy, among others. There is often an underlying mutually understood set of beliefs, rules or standards which may be adhered to. Project collaborations often need to find ways to motivate people to work together so knowledge can spread and have maximum impact on improving the quality of the interaction.

When information flows through successful communication between people, the collaborative effort enables possibilities for the sharing of knowledge and better education. The internet allows people to collaborate without physical proximity, risk of contagion, and without the direct use of polluting fossil fuels for personal transport.

Non-hierarchical collaboration comes in the form of collectives. Economic or social collaboration can come in the form of barter, cooperatives, business, government and amongst other comunities like religions and scientists.

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