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Collaborative writing is the act of taking the efforts and ideas of multiple authors and combining them to one work. Collaboration in general is particularly powerful for writing, as writing has no pace, and writers cannot interrupt oneanother. Writing has a permanence, and more recently a transmitability which allows multiple people to review and comment on a work. Most recently, collaborative writing systems have come to exist with the tools newly available thanks to computers and the internet.

Compare some collaborative writing systems such as the wiki with zuihitsu. Systems such as the wiki, which intentionally engender a fluidity of mind, when combined with a collaborative aspect will allow multiple authors to aid oneanother in subtle yet striking ways. Imagine one author with brilliant and yet unrefined and disorganized ways of thinking. Take said author and have those talents backed up with a researcher and an English teacher. The combination of multiple abilities is what makes collaborative writing most powerful. A harmony through participation can have all members’ abilities greatly enhanced.

Interesting links:

  • Distributed Proofreaders – This is an attempt to better organize Project Gutenberg‘s proofreading efforts of classical public domain texts that are being digitized.
  • cwriter | GNU PagecWriter is a Web-based collaborative writer. Its goal is to facilitate working on a document online and collaborating with peers. It includes tools like a calendar, a file repository, user permissions fixed per document, a bookmark database, a full text search engine, advanced log visibility, and more. cWriter can also be used as an intranet freeform tool.
  • FictionWiki – This is collaborative fiction writing. On wiki. That is, it’s not the old ‘write a paragraph, add a paragraph’ never-ending story type of collaborative fiction. It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. One can edit anything that has been written, whether or not you yourself wrote it. It is a brand-new effort, so we need writers during this growing period. Please come and join in the fun! Currently under construction.
  • Groklaw – A weblog started by Pamela Jones concerning the combination of legal issues and FLOSS. Hosted at Ibiblio.
  • M47iction – A FreeFictionWiki by the MOAK47 collective
  • – A free online document collaboration service. Create documents using their traditional document sharing method, or start your own Wiki on their Wiki farm.
  • The Fiction Wikicity – a new (2005) wiki for fiction using MediaWiki software.

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