Collaborative writing systems

See also: Collaborative writing | Collaborative journalism systems

Note the existance of various collaborative journalism systems which in essence just focus their content intent, where these collaborative writing systems are usually more general.

  • SubEthaEdit This is basically a ‘multiplayer’ notepad. It seems to have become hip for geeks and bloggers in the audience at events to use it to make notes and is OS X only. Unlike the other systems on this page it is designed for true realtime editing and does not rely on a thin client/fat server hierachy but a more p2p-like architecture rather. (Please correct me if i’m wrong at this point…) Closed source, Free for non-commercial use.
  • MateEdit is a multi-user editor which allows concurrent editing of files. It currently features change highlighting, different text colours for each user and a communication window. MateEdit can be used for idea exchanges, programming, role playing and any other task where people share their thoughts and collaborate.
  • Wiki – A wiki is a free-form user-edited webspace which could also be used as a collaborative writing system. See Wikis for examples.
  • Scoop – It’s flagship site is Kuro5hin.
  • Active | Gnu Homepage – ‘Active’ creates a set of Web pages that lets Web surfers contribute to a shared calendar, groups listing, and multimedia news feed with discussion. It’s designed to be easy to use, and easy to read the results. The program is under ongoing development as the backend for, and Also see its’ succesor, Active2.
  • Mir Another CMS developed Indymedia volunteers. It is based on Java, Tomcat and PostgreSQL
  • – A free online document collaboration service. Create documents using their traditional document sharing method, or start your own Wiki on their Wiki farm.

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