Cooking Pot Model

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The idea that the internet is practically bottomless, that users place content into the pot and take from it at will and without cost. This feature is due to the fact that information and therefore knowledge can be replicated at (usually) zero expense.

“Cooking Pot” is an interpretation of the Crock Pot concept. Online Etymology Dictionary: crock – O.E. crocc, crocca “pot,” from P.Gmc. *krogu “pitcher, pot.”

Unfortunately, as more ISPs begin to charge directly for bandwidth expenditures, this model may begin to break down. Some would see this as having the upside potential of forcing a form of efficiency for bandwidth use, restricting transmissions to those of quality or usefulness.

Also compare this to the U.S.A. concept of the “Melting Pot”.

  • Cooking Pot Market: “If a sufficient number of people put in free goods, the cooking pot clones them for everyone, so that everyone gets far more value than was put in.” – Rishab Aiyer Ghosh

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