Copyright Economics

Economics of Information Production

Originally placed on on Jan 8, 2002 Kuro5hin. Placed in InfoAnarchy by the author Josh Cogliati so that it might be improved and updated. I, Josh Cogliati, grant this to public domain.

  • “Information wants to be free.”
  • “Free copying of music will destroy music.”

Those two statements don’t fit together very well but discussions of intellectual property and its ownership often come up from both sides. However, the basics of the economics of intellectual property are rarely understood by either side. Economics supports both arguments and neither argument.

  1. How economics works with traditional physical goods” to help you understand trade so we can properly examine trade in the context of intellectual property without using analogies.
  2. Trades and Problems – Trades in the context of intellectual property and problems with maximizing society benefit with intellectual property.
  3. Possible Solutions to the problems of maximizing society’s benefit with intellectual property.
  4. Conclusion

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