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The anthropocentric studies focusing on the artifacts communities shape from their environment. Cultures are interdependently shaped by our technology, science, art, communication, education, myth, law, mass media, music, movies, politics, terrorism, religion, etc. It includes our people’s complete way of life which form the foundations of a civil society, including the knowledge and values shared by a society, the preferences and aesthetics of a social group and the ideas passed along to succeeding generations.

Culture is the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns such as accumulated habits, attitudes, ideologies and beliefs of a group of people that define for them their general behavior and way of life. Many people equate cultural development with progress, others believe a Security Culture, Gift Economy or American-Centric capitalism leads to freedom.

What is offensive or a rule in one’s own culture may not be considered so in another culture. Cultures can be compared on the basis of ethics, etiquette, graffiti, philosophy and other standards. Early greek civilisation laid the foundations for modern culture with a system of ethics.

Cultures are highly resistant to change. However cultures are influenced by assorted players. Those important to this wiki’s culture include

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