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  1. A person interested in cryptography and the anti-establishment nature it presents. Not to be confused with cyberpunk.
  2. A type of anonymous e-mail tool.
  3. A mailing list or type of mailing list involving cryptography and security. definition (,,sid26-gci211882,00.html)

1. Someone interested in the uses of encryption via electronic ciphers for enhancing personal privacy and guarding against tyranny by centralized, authoritarian power structures, especially government. There is an active cypherpunks mailing list at coordinating work on public-key encryption freeware, privacy, and digital cash.

Not to be confused with cyberpunk, although similar in some aspects. According to Everything2 ( “members of the Cypherpunks mailing list, started in the dawn of time (or early 1990s, whichever came last) by Tim May, Eric Hughes, John Gilmore, and St. Jude Milhon, who came up with the name.”

2. A type of anonymous e-mail tool:

A primitive type of anonymous remailer. The Cypherpunk remailers are particularly susceptible to traffic analysis attacks. The next generation of anonymous remailers that addresses the specific weaknesses of the Cypherpunks remailer is called Mixmaster.

3. A mailing list or type of mailing list.

(From Cyphernet (

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