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Acronym: Direct Client Protocol

Wikipedia: DCC

A P2P protocol used by 2 or more IRC clients to directly send and receive data to and from each other.

As defined in the IRC RFC‘s there are currently 2 forms of DCC:

  • DCC Chat – A chat is established between 2 or more IRC clients.
  • DCC Send / Receive – A file is send to one client while the other client receives the file.


An Fserv (“file server“) is a bot, often found integrated in an IRC client. The person who hosts the Fserv configurates the Fserv to share a number of chosen directories in which files lay around. On request, which is done via a configurable trigger, the Fserv accepts a DCC Chat after which the requester can wander around selected maps in the fserv’s computer. The requester can then chose to initiatie a DCC Send from within the fserv’s DCC Chat after which a data transfer of the file is established.


XDCC is not a protocol. It usually means a configured IRC program or script which DCC Sends a file after a certain trigger. After that, the one who requested the file has to DCC Receive the file which can be automated in some IRC clients. Various programmers and scripters have chosen different names for the same behaviour commonly defined as XDCC. Examples include TDCC (Turbo DCC) and FDCC (Fast DCC).

Both XDCC and Fserv use the DCC protocol.

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