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  1. A cut-down “trial version” of a computer or video game.
  2. An artistic computer program designed to show off the graphical, musical and technical skills of its creators. (See below.)

Demos are generally not interactive, and are never pre-recorded – all graphics are mathematically generated on the fly.

Demos have been around since the days of 8-bit home computers, and while the scene has died off somewhat in recent years, still exists in a form. Demo programmers, artists and musicians often meet at parties, where competitions are held and the graphics and music are presented on huge screens and club-quality sound systems.

Demo coders attempt to push the capabilities of a computer as far as possible. In this, some have called them hackers, but amongst themselves they often use the term “freaks”. Demo sceners generally don’t consider themselves geeks per se, but something closer to rock stars or DJs. In Europe, some of them were and are.

Demo is also a short word for demonstration.


Famous demo groups:

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