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Home Page: http://dillo.org

A lightweight (around 200k) Open-Source web browser for <code>*</code>Nix. It is perhaps best compared to Opera and K-Meleon in that its goal is to be fast, small and focused entirely on browsing. It is engineered to be useful even on embedded devices, and is already capable of viewing many mainstream sites without problem.

Dillo is actually used as a main browser for Yopy Linux PDA.

It might be a flaw for some users that this browser is not capable of displaying frames. Some other convenient features such as SSL, basic authentication methods are not implemented.

Dillo has had a plugin structure designed, to make it easier to drop-in additional functionality. Bookmarks, for example, are handled via a plugin. This makes dillo more easily extensible and it will remain lighter.. in the future, users could opt out of a plugin if they don’t need a feature.

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