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Shortform: Electronic Mail

Alternate: Email

Example: username@domain.org

One of the most common communication tools on the Internet. E-mail is frequently thought to be “Internet email”, but the electronic transferring of messages has little to directly do with the Internet, merely a common highway to transfer messages.

As it is so common, unsolictied e-mail is one of the biggest headaches on the Internet. Known as “Spam,” a continual battle against it takes place daily.


E-mail Protocols

E-mail Clients

Please see the entry E-Mail Clients

E-mail Servers

This list is not exhaustive.

Reading Email Headers

Being able to discipher the header information of an email, a source code for e-mail messages, is an invaluable step in understanding the systems through which the e-mail was transported. It plays an important part in identifying email spoofing and spam.


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