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Acronym: Earth Station 5

Yet another P2P program for Windows. According to the author, Linux versions will follow in october 2003. Doesn’t run with WINE. It’s uniqueness comes that it is run from Palestina (Jenin/West bank), and because it has according to the site some unique ( features. According to the site it has virus filters, and ES5 uses UDP instead of TCP. Worth reading is the ‘chronicles (’ on the site.

Quote from the author:

We’re in Palestine, in a refugee camp,” said Ras Kabir, the service’s co-founder. “There aren’t too many process servers that are going to be coming into the Jenin refugee camp. We’ll welcome them if they do. source (


EarthStation5 Launches New File-Sharing Software: declares war against the MPAA: with Ras Kabir: ES5 what it says it is? ES5 spyware?

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