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A number of editor applications are following hereunder.This list is not exhaustive.

Table of contents 1 Cross-Platform
2 *Nix
3 Windows

3.1 Related


  • e3 (http://www.sax.de/~adlibit/) | GNU Homepage (http://www.gnu.org/directory/all/e3.html) – e3 is a full-screen, user-friendly text editor with an interface similar to that of either WordStar, Emacs, Pico, Nedit, or vi. It’s heavily optimized for size and independent of libc or any other libraries, making it useful for mini-Linux distributions and rescue disks. There is also a separately distributed version written in C which supports some other Unix versions and CygWin. It is also possible to use regular expressions by using child processes like sed. e3 has a built in arithmetic calculator. The package now supports the ARM Risc CPU, amking it the first assembler program (on user layer) written for 2 different processors (Cisc vs Risc).
  • Emacs
  • vi | vim | cream
  • FTE – textmode text editor
  • nano – textmode text editor, the successor to pico



  • NoteTab – a very flexible and powerful Windows Notepad replacement with a tabbed interface and a wide variety of document tools.
  • Treepad – text editor
  • Zeus – A programmer‘s editor designed for Windows developers.


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