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Education is the formal process of knowledge acquisition, or learning new information. Education is widely regarded as a universal right and has a highly valued role in nearly many communities. Education ususally has a series of assessments before qualifications are granted. Education lacks any real model and has no clear goals beyond that it aims to teach someone about a particular topic or set of topics.

Pedagogy is the science of teaching. The Learning Curve is a widely noted model for the learning process.

Early childhood education begins with good parenting. In much of the world, once a child reaches the age of 5, the responsibility of education is then passed on to a school, which teaches a standard set of knowledge, as determined by the government. Some schools are owned and operated by the state, and some are private. If a government does not allocate enough funds to its schooling system, the usefulness of public schools is diminished, and a vicious circle can develop, where only children from economically wealthy families are educated well.

Education should place more of an emphasis on art, music, philosophy, social and natural sciences. These creative and exploratory areas of study could help a questioning citizenry find answer to problems humanity will surely face in the future.

One of the problems with educational system is that people get taught false or irrelevant information. Education systems are often centralized, hierarchical authoritarian based information distribution and therefore vulnerable to manipulation, abuse and attacks from social engineering, zealous moderation, indoctrination, etc.

Like the workplace bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination can occur at educational institutions.

Higher Education

After school people are able to undertake further vocational study. There is the possibility of more formally study at the tertiary level, which is also called higher education at universities and colleges. At the top of this study area is the Doctoral Degree, preceeded by a Master Degree and Bachelors Degree, respectively. To further explore a particular topic in greater detail or to study a related field students often follow up a degree with a Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate.

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