Emmanuel Goldstein

See also: Hacker | 2600

The Hacker handle of Eric Corley, founder of 2600 Magazine. Emmanuel founded the magazine in 1984, and his handle is taken from the George Orwell book named for that year.

As well as 2600, Emmanuel has been and is involved in:

  • Brain Damage (http://www.2600.com/braindamage) – an early radio show of his, when he was still Eric
  • Off The Wall (http://www.2600.com/offthewall) – a talk show that broadcasts on Pacifica’s WBAI in New York
  • Off The Hook – Hacking-related radio show, also on WBAI
  • Freedom Downtime (http://www.freedomdowntime.com/) – film about the Free Kevin (Mitnick) movement
  • HOPE – founder of the Hackers On Planet Earth conferences
  • DeCSS – sued by the RIAA for posting the DeCSS code on the 2600 site

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