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The following is a list of features that EMule users would like to see. Feel free to add you own requests.

  • search results tab
    • show colour coded bitrate values similar to WinMX
    • short-cut key for “Remove selected search results”
    • pop-up menu command “Remove files of this type” (same file format)
  • finer bandwidth controls for upload and download limits
  • delete file command on completed file’s pop-up menu.
  • notification when total user, server or file count reaches new record or milestone.
  • statistics windows display selected animations next to the text which indicates the movement of actively changing values.
  • if 30 % of users have a low id, wouldn’t a wizard helping users avoid this improve network efficiency
  • fine grain filtering for search results. E.g. search for ‘George Bush’, then allow to only show the .AVI with the name ‘WMD’ with size more than X and quality between Y and Z — Amule related. Examples of applications which do this correctly, but are not for the Emule network, are Nicotine and PowerFTD.

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