Encrypting Your Files

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Many people today require encryption of their personal files for various reasons. Hopefully this node will show you some methods for encrypting and obfuscating your data to prevent theft, interception and spying.


Starting with a program that turns normal files into password-protected ones is the first step. Many programs from Microsoft Word to ZIP‘s portable format use inadequate protection. Advertising high-level encryption does not make a program secure.

  • PGP is one of the most popular encryption programs – mainly due to it’s ease of integration with Windows mail clients. Both a freeware version is available, though not for commercial use, and an open source clone: GPG.
  • AxCryptopen-source GPL program on SourceForgecompression and double-click Edit/View for secure document storage on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP, locally or remote using AES.
  • Dekart Private Disk – commercial software, can run directly from a USB flash or other removable device without installing it on each computer. “Will let you securely work with your encrypted files on removable media on any computer, in any location.” Not cross-platform; Windows-only.
  • Mcrypt – A very simple command-line program with a wide variety of algorithms and the source code is available. Can be ported to Windows with Cygwin. Intended to be a replacement of the old UNIX “crypt” which used DES, under the GPL.
  • Ashampoo Privacy Protector commercial program creates self-extracting encrypted files. CD burning capabilities. Available in English and German.
  • WinRAR – commercial Windows compression program – the latest versions use high-strength AES encryption.
  • iOpus SEA tool – Windows freeware that uses high-strength blowfish encryption to make self-extracting files.
  • Secrets Keeper – 256-bit AES encryption for Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • Attach Plus – Windows shareware – Attach Plus allows you to modify, PDF or ZIP, 128-bit encrypt, and attach your files while you are ataching (or printing) to an existing OR new email message. Supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Goldmine, ACT, Groupwise and Eudora.
  • PKWARE – SecureZIP – AES-256 encryption with either pass phrases or digital certificates to protect files on hard drive, laptop, CD’s or removable storage as well as to protect email attachments.

Both open and save files encrypted

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More security measures

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