1. Enlightenment as a concept.
  2. Enlightenment as an age.
  3. Enlightenment as a window manager for *NIX.



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Enlightenment is a concept of near-instinctive competance brought into being from insight into themselves, their environs, and the interactions between these phenomena. Generally speaking, those who are considered enlightened are role-models or generally harmonious with their community.

The Enlightenment was also a period in which science and rationalism was brought to European culture.

The Real Hacker or Real Programmer are frequently considered to be wise, enlightened and almost guru-like. For instructions on gaining Enlightenment, see the Tao of Programming, a modern revision of the Tao Te Ching.

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The Enlightenment (The Age of Enlightenment) was an intellectual movement in 18th Century Europe. The goal of the Enlightenment was to establish an authoritative ethics, aesthetics, and knowledge based on an “enlightened” rationality (also logocentric). The movement’s leaders viewed themselves as a courageous, elite body of enlightened intellectuals who were leading the world toward progress, out of a long period of irrationality, immaturity, and tyranny which began during a historical period they called the Dark Ages. This movement provided a framework for the American and French Revolutions, as well as the rise of capitalism. More….

Important figures from this age include

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Window Manager

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Home Page http://www.enlightenment.org

Acronym E is an acronym for Enlightenment.


A highly themable, infinitely configurable window manager which is very graphical oriented. It contains various components which about all start with an E, just like GNOME and KDE do. Some common E apps are Eterm and ESD.

It has always been a ‘different’, innovative Window Manager. Perhaps a reason is the founder and lead developer is Rasterman sees himself as an artist rather than a programmer, which has consequences for Enlightenment. Also, the pager which contains the desktop looks like a drawing, giving it a more ‘artistic’ feel.

Quoted from Raster’s homepage:

I do a lot of programming – but I’m not a programmer – people keep forgetting the fact that a programmer isn’t what I really am – I’m an artist at heart – it’s what I enjoy more than anything else – and programming is just a vehicle to get art to come to life – I learnt it as a matter of course in getting art to come to life.


Enlightenment version 0.16.5 (E16) is the current, stable version of Enlightenment.

Linux distributions as well as *BSD‘s mostly have the latest 0.16 version as of now which is 0.16.5. There’s also a beta version of 0.16 which is 0.16.6. Somewhere in the future, the E16 version will be replaced with 0.17. E16 can cooperate with GNOME, being GNOME’s Window Manager. It also has support for both GNOME as well as KDE menu’s. More features


Enlightenment version 0.17 (E17) is the cvs, development/unstable version. BSD licensed. Some OSes/distributions contain this version as optionable. One can use cvs to try out this version. It has seen many rewrites and will partly be a redesign of E16. It’ll be a window manager and desktop shell. Considered vaporware by some people, because E17 development was started around 2001, several rewrites were made, and due to real life reasons of several developers, including Raster, development went on slowly. More on E17…


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