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Ethics can be used to determine if something is good or bad. One of the goals of ethics is to make sure that what benefits an individual also benefits everyone else. Ethics is concerned with defining the harmonious interdependencies of living things.

Ethics is about openness and transparency. To be ethical it is not possible to treat yourself as an exception, because this is not doing as you would be done by. If we didn’t obey this hidden rule nobody would trust anyone and it wouldn’t be possible to own property.

Ethics can motivate:

There is a lot of theoretical material about how people collectively value good things. Never the less, many people are not concered with ethical behaviour or thought. They might feel ethics is transcended by their religion, by logic or that things should happen as people are celebrating life, for the now, just for the moment.

Ethical matters are often selectively used by religion and government to guide policy and shape politics. Politicans and the mass media rate very low on ethical standards.

Things that have a strong ethical concern to infoAnarchy include;

  • Anti-Clear Channel
  • Civil liberties
  • Hacking
  • Human rights
  • Karma
  • Journalism
  • Microsoft
  • Reverse engineering
  • Slashdot Effect
  • Veganism – An ethical person understands that it is important for the whole of ecosystem to be healthy, the health of all species within must be considered. In other words, all of our inherited biological diversity must be healthy before the ecosystem as a whole is to be considered well off. Unfortunately our cultures place very different values on all the multi-facted resources nature provides. Many people draw the line at sentient animals, that is, animals with a spine and a central nervous system, should not be treated with undue hardship and so become vegan or vegatarian.

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