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Acronym for: End User Data Hogs

Pronounced: “You-Dah”

An unspoken philosophy of many warez junkies who amass hundreds of programs and thousands of various different files types. Often, they have no real intention of using all but a few of them since, at some point, it becomes impossible to install, learn, and use all the new programs that become available every year.

Practitioners have a few main facets:

  • A “Whatever Works” philosophyAdvocacy always comes second to effectiveness; Linux vs Windows or Macintosh is irrelevant, whatever works best for the job at hand.
  • Compression – only the highest compression should be used to store or transmit any given file (usually RAR format).
  • Encryption – transmit and keep Warez and files securely, often with hash files. A EUDAH is aware people do not want him to have the files he has.
  • Catalogue – to store, catalogue and exchange lists of files for the purpose of making available to trusted sources. A EUDAH is organized. After all, having all that information is useless without a catalogue of some sort (even if this means that he just alphabetized his CD collection.)
  • Anonymity – to do all activites without being tracked or known. A EUDAH is paranoid.

EUDaH’s generally have an enormous burnedCD or DVD collection, large hard drives, and fast Internet connections. They are the un-named direct enemy of the RIAA/MPAA and who the RIAA is searching for in its dragnet of file sharing networks. They could be called information pack-rats who gather the seemingly unlimited amount of data on the Internet and store it.

Tools of the trade

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