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Aka: eXeem

A beta, file sharing program endorsed by the operators of the dead BitTorrent link web site Suprnova.org. Exeem does not provide anonymity. Features include the easy search ability of an indexing server and the hive qualities of the BitTorrent network into one program.

A beta version of the software is available to everyone. As of January 22, 2005, there are about 29000 users online.

The aim for Exeem is to operate in a similar way to BitTorrent but for the clients to take on the function of the tracker hence more decentralised. Trackers for popular torrent can use significant bandwidth. With Exeem everyone becomes the network as users are able to share torrents, and seed shared files. Exeem is based on LibTorrent (http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no). Exeem also uses the C++ libraries Boost (http://www.boost.org) and Crypto++ (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cryptopp), specifically the Blowfish algorithm in the latter case.

It seems likely that Exeem will remain closed source. Exeem is advert supported. Current betas include html adverts. Version 0.20 included ‘Cydoor’ and ‘CyberGold’. Since version 0.21 exeem has not contained third party software that shows adverts. There seems to have been two differnt groups making software called eXeem-lite. Work on the exlite.net version and cleanexeem seems to have stopped. exlite.pl has reccently release version 0.24. Previous Exeem beta releass are reported to work (http://exeem-linux.solaris.name/index.php) in WINE although you need native DLLs for which you may or may not need a license. Exeem-lite 0.19 works fine in CrossOver 4.1 (http://www.codeweavers.org), without native DLLs. Exeem requires a GUI environment thus its less versatile than BitTorrent which is CLI/GUI agnostic.

The Exeem protocol seems to use encryption.

Suprnova.org affiliation

The suprnova.org website has been removed because of the threat of legal action. eXeem is still functioning and development is expected to continue. On the 30th of December Suprnova administrator ‘Sloncek’ (Andrej Preston) made an announcement about the future of exeem. Sloncek said that the company backing the project would remain anonymous for the present time. He said that eXeem will allow users to rate and add comments to files. This system is an attempt to pre-empt the system being flooded with poor quality/fake files, something that plagues some older p2p networks like Kazaa.

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