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Any opinion which is held fervently, oblivious to any desecration by contradictory information that attacks the integrity of related ideology, related practices and traditions.

Extremism can flourish without moderation, truth, theory and reason.

Online Examples:

  • Encouraging anything that goes severely against the social mores of a society. For instance, totally abandoning copyright law or having multiple wives could considered extreme in America but the idea of vocally disagreeing with the government is extreme in China.

Extremism is not always a Dangerous topic if it is about something benign, such as being extremely Conservative or extremely Liberal. Neither position is physically harmful. Other areas such as Environmental Extremism, Religious Extremism, and Racial Extremism are usually considered dangerous but only if they involve a philosophy of violence. For instance, a system based on non-violence such as Buddhism is unlikely to be threatening if described in an extreme capacity. However extreme forms of a belief system may involve abandoning some aspects of any philosophy, including non-violence.

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