See also: Digital Rights Management | Apple

A proprietary DRM scheme by Apple, for iTunes. Cracked by Jon Lech Johansen (http://www.nanocrew.net/blog/).

The following applications can play these files:

  • iTunes, naturally.
  • VLC – version 0.7.1 or higher
  • FAAD (http://www.audiocoding.com) – version 2 or higher
    • Cracked (?): Patch for FAAD2 (http://www.nanocrew.net/vlc/faad2-2.0-drms.patch.gz).
  • QTFairUse, For Windows. Deprecated. Please use VLC instead.


  • Playfair (http://playfair.sarovar.org) – an application to remove restrictions from iTunes DRMed AAC files.

TakeDown.NET -> “FairPlay