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So let’s say you want some files. What now? Well, you need two things: a client and a little know-how. There are some lists of clients below, but you need a little info before you can even begin to look into them.

There are a lot of interested developers in the world, there have formed many different methods of attacking the same file-sharing challanges. Today, several solutions exist for your file sharing needs. These are in the form of “networks“. Simply put, a “network” is a method by which a program (or “client“) can get files for you. Because there are different solutions, there are different networks. This means that if you really wanted to cover all of your bases, you really COULD download more than one file sharing client! However, be aware that there isn’t much point in downloading two clients which both use the same network. That’s just duplication of effort.

Certain other concerns exist, which won’t be covered here (yet) include privacy and specific connectivity issues like tunnelling through firewalls and other technical stuff. Basically, you choose your favorite network(s) and your client(s) keeping in mind those technical concerns.

So, getting right to the crux of it, let’s say you want to dive right in. Well, one recommended network to look into is the OpenNap network. This network is quite mature as it has been around for a while, and its clients are capable indeed.

If you have special concerns which are not covered by the OpenNap network, or if you are curious, then by all means go explore the alternatives. There are a number of alternate networks which will supplement or even replace OpenNap.

Note: the following client list isn’t exhaustive. We can’t know every program written for this category. If you’ve found something cool out there in the world, write a link into this wiki. Additionally, if the status of one of these projects change.. if something gets renamed, or is put on hold, that’s another good reason to edit the wiki. Go ahead, it’s easy! =)

Also, it’s likely that some of the project details will be out of date. For example, some projects may have gone multiplatform in our absense.

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