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A unique file sharing tool for Windows that combines security settings with a wide feature set. Filetopia is semi-centralized with public key encryption. Instant messages, Voice Over IP, chat, free e-mail, message boards and file collection organizer.

Filetopia escapes anti-file sharing measures by allowing random port usage and prevents eavesdropping with encryption. It also hides individual clients’ IP Address.

Filetopia may come into more use as lawsuits characterize file sharing and surveillance characterizes Internet usage.

Filetopia is possibly the best of only a very small number of chat, voice, or file sharing tools that allow seamless use of encryption to mask communications from an Internet Service Provider and most other sources. Filetopia should not be considered a trusted security solution for critical applications as it was not built with extreme secrecy in mind.

Negatively, the client does not to appear to have been updated since November 2002.


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