Financial Autonomous Zone

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F.A.Z.? Think about the T.A.Z., the zones of autonomy from political power accurately described by Hakim Bey in his magnificent book. We should build a TAZ outside financial power, an autonomous zone, albeit not a temporary one, allowing anyone who wants to escape from the logic of barter, for example, the Cooking Pot Model. We can call this a F.A.Z., Financially Autonomous Zone.

According to this ideology we must create a logic of development without profits, of wealth creation without exploitation, of valorization of life, not money. This is the key point. The idea is to build a system of relations removed from profits, yet allowing who undertakes them to benefit from them.

How? Through a self-emitted and self-managed currency. A negative rate currency that, in himself, abolishes the accumulation logic and that’s a mere exchange instrument, that allows to build – through it – an autonomous economic net and an alternative society, whose values will be fairness, solidarity, participation and self-management. A currency that allows who emits it, to choose what how and why to produce and that allows to distribute a basic income to net participants, only while they’re alive.

It’s a concrete, real, immediate utopia. Without dreams, human beings are already dead. But living in a dream, forgetting about reality, is even worse. If we have a dream we should carry it though to the end, make it real, now. Only then can we mobilize the forces that are around and go together with that dream.

We should be realists and achieve the impossible. This sentence excited Marcuse who read it on a wall at the Sorbone in 1968, but instead of achieve the sentence said ask “We should not ask anything to anyone, we should build our own world, starting from ourselves. Within us is the entire universe, and if that’s how it is, then why not make the utopia come true?


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