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The act of posting or a post with hopelessly one-sided or especially harsh critisism.


  • Most Dangerous topics inspire flames, also called flamebait.
  • They often come from harsh, extreme, emotional postitions and are often disregarded due to being irrational and/or unconvincing. They are online annoyances similar to spam as they do not contribute to a discussion or democratic discourse and rarely convince anyone of anything. They are often done by “Trolls]].”


  • Flames are prevented through moderation and/or good public relations.
  • If not prevented, the resulting exchange, either through simple humor or reasoning of its endless nature is a Flame War.

Other flame types

  • An excess of explatives in a normal message (fuck, shit, hell)
  • The USE OF ALL-CAPS IN A RESPONSE is considered shouting and therefore often a flame.

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