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An easy-to-use, personal Peer-to-Peer network that lets you retrieve and update documents or share your files with a local group of trusted users. The service is commercial and allows only limited use to free customers including 2,500 listable files in library and a maximum queue size of 3. Non-paying customers ceased having encryption and compression features as of July 1, 2004 (see pricing page).

One way to continue using this service despite new restrictions is to exchange very large files that contain compressed, encrypted data. See: Encrypting Your Files

Foldershare is different from other P2P systems in that you cannot search hundreds of a given users‘ files but have access to any directory they choose to provide of almost any size. With many hard drives and increasing number of friends on broadband, this can be a more desirable solution over other the poor privacy and hit-or-miss nature of other file sharing methods.

Foldershare is P2P meets IM, allowing for individuals to decide who and where accepted individuals can access and/or change their files.


As of this writing, FolderShare is contains no spyware. Also, although a centralized system, files are distributed completely peer-to-peer, meaning does not see files that you send, only file names you have listed.


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