Former Employee Attack

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AKA: Disgruntled Postal Worker

A type of attack that is used by someone familiar with your security procedures and failures. With this knowledge, the former employee has an ability to cause harm his or her former employer if they so choose. This can take the forms of remote cracking, physical theft, or leaving and taking your business with them.

Other possible attacks include genuine physical harm similar to Road Rage, possibly caused by being a child in a grown-up’s body.

There are also such things as current employee attacks, although less common, it is still a security concern if you cannot trust your employees. An example of such an attack.

Defeating this Attack

  • Security audits.
  • Self-imposed or outsourced security measures.
  • Generous severance package / stock options / benefits.
  • Careful change of passwords, locks, and other security precautions.
  • Advanced notice of possible layoff/termination to prevent financial and emotional shock.
  • Advanced notice of shifts in the industry that may cause the company to layoff employees. Conversely, this can be bad for productivity.


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